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Lost in the crowd...

March 24th, 2014

Do you ever feel that you are totally lost in the art world crowd, noticed but not really seen. My work has been seen by a few but not commented on except for one email. I am confused and a tad concerned. I need to figure out a way to handle this social networking and media better. I am just not sure how. There are all kinds of how-to's but there seem to be too many. I just wish there was a bullet or numbered list of step by step instructions on how to get the stuff done to get myself the publicity that I would like to see happen with Fine Art America and other social networking and media.

Feeling a bit Daft...

November 8th, 2013

You know those times when you think you had a great idea and then realise how wrong you were? Well I am certainly noticing this here as of late. I thought it was a great idea to sign my painting with black light paint and not also with regular paint. Now I am asking myself " Why would anyone want to buy any prints if they don't have an artist signature that they can see in the photo?" I am going to have to remedy this situation. For anyone that was interested in buying prints and saw my error I apologise and appreciate your patience while I work on fixing this error (hopefully in the near future). In the future I am going to have my regular paint signature on the left hand side of the painting and the black light paint signature on the right hand side. I feel it adds an interesting and unique touch to how an artist can sign a painting.

Excited and Thankful

November 3rd, 2013

I am so excited about what is starting to happen with my art endeavors. I have finally gotten to add more of my artwork to my website. I know it has been pretty quiet on here. I am figuring out how to get things revved up and really going. It is so fulfilling to get to start realizing my dreams when it comes to putting my creative works out there to show to world ( literally! ).

I am thankful that we have the technology available today to present our works in such a way that it reaches so many people so easily. Thank you to everyone that takes a look at some of what I have done. I have a lot more to get caught up on posting. Some of it will be amateurish because it will have been from when I was a teen but I know people have enjoyed looking at my stuff from back then also, and I don't want to restrict showing just my new stuff. I think that is a mistake a lot of people can and have made is to not show how much they have grown as an artist by posting their early work when they really started to buckle down.

Some of my artwork when I post it will have some of my poetry that goes alongside it also. That is also something I am excited and a bit nervous about putting out there. We shall see how everything works out.

I want to give a big shoutout to those people in my personal life that have been giving me those little pushes that have gotten me where I am today:

My husband Matthew: He has spent so much time and money already to encourage me to follow my heart.
Scott Martinson: A fellow artist that has taken pictures of my work for me and hung out and given me someone to vent at as a best friend also feeling the joys and angst of following their dreams.
Glen: Who also has taken pictures and encouraged me to follow my dreams.
My mother in law Kathleen: She has her own way of gentle encouragement when she shows her delight in my work.
My children: They are a wonder little bunch. My daughter Janelle has a tendency to want to steal paintings for her own. My son Craig who gives great feedback and my son Aidan who wants to be able to create with me.
My grandmother Orla Delle: She has been painting for about 32 years and has always been supportive in whatever creative stuff I have done even if it meant enduring my weird food concoctions as a child.
The people that told me that my poetry and my art were a waste of time and I had more important things to do, and my ability to finally give them the "finger".
The friends and family that give me positive feedback.

In the meantime happy browsing.

People are looking....

June 28th, 2013

People have looked at my picture a few times but there hasn't been any comments. I wonder what that is about? Oh well I can be patient. I have only been here for a short time.

I actually have some time to paint today which is nice. I would like to paint something new but I already have a brown version of "X Marks the Spot" in process. The joys of having more canvas to work with though is nice so I might start something else so I have a few to work choose from to work with.

I hope I am doing this correctly...

June 27th, 2013

I put my first print up for sale. I am not sure if I did it correctly when it came to setting up paypal as a business account but we shall see. Now I just have to get more paintings done so I can post more so people have choices.

This Should Be Interesting...

June 17th, 2013

Well here I am at my husbands encouragement and nudging. I have posted a picture of one of my paintings somewhere other than my facebook page. Facebook turned out to be a real turn off. I thought I would get more feedback on there but was I ever wrong. lol. I hope that on here it will be quite different.